Tiffany Teen
Model Data Tiffany Teen
DOBJanuary 24
Height5' 2"
Shoe Size7
sexy girl

Strip Tease
1 Video

phil-flash's Avatar Tiffany Teen's 30 minute Strip Tease video is a one of a kind. After all of those years and many many shoots with Tiff, unable to capture video footage of her being a slutty little teen like this one... I was. This is the kind of video footage, that only a boyfriend could aquire. Truely rare stuff!

It starts out with Tiffany wearing a red wife beater tank top, a bubble butt jean mini skirt, and a pair of chunky, heeless, platform sandals... on her boyfriend's mom's bed! Ha... unbelievable.

At timecode 19:22, Tiffany is topless with hand bras (of course) and her amazing uninhibited tease is over... there is a fade out and then she is lying on the bed facing the camera. That's when she says...

Tiffany Teen's Avatar I hope you liked your little strip tease... um now I'm gonna get naughty for you. Give you a little lap dance... enjoy!

The infamous... Tiffany Teen

Now starts the lapdance and lolli-cock blow job. There is no where else that you can actually see Tiffany on her knees, between a man's legs, sucking a lollipop... with motion pictures to boot!

To be able to look down at that natural platinum blonde hair, Tiff's soft round baby face with her "wanting to please" eyes looking up at you, and a lolli-cock sliding in and out of her suck dick lips... on video............. Is an absolute miracle!!!

One more highlight, Tiffany touched herself under her panties and over her panties... I dunno HOW MANY times. She truley was and probably still is... quite the naughty girl.

Originally sold as a DVD via PayPal for $20 back in the day, I remember my ex wife mailing 40 to 60 of these out every week. Her computer was non stop burning DVD's... oh those were the days.

That is, until PayPal stopped all sales for adult material on June 12, 2003. This video has gone missing ever since, but I have resurrected it here on my site for you all to enjoy.

The video was shot by Tiff's boyfriend at the time. I had no input what so ever.

Tiffany actually surprised me with it. She showed up for a scheduled shoot and handed me a CD with this video footage on it. It was already cut up and overdubbed with music. So I was forced to release it the way it was. Even the opening splash screen was done by him.

So here you go... extremely rare, mostly uncut boyfriend/girlfriend content.

I just wonder how much of this we did not get to see... UGH!

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Strip Tease
Set Data
TitleStrip Tease
StatusOriginal Release

Tiffany's Showcase

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