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DOBJanuary 24
Height5' 2"
Weight117 lbs.
FDAU ClassFreshman

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phil-fucking-flash avatarTiffany is 18 years old and quite the tease. She was that girl that could be wearing the ugliest outfit you ever saw... but she would get into one of her hot poses, look into the lense... and the only thing you could say is... OMG... that girl is stunning!

Watch Tiffany get sexier and sexier as she progresses in front of my lense. She stays "non nude" for all of her shoots. However there are a couple of sets in my collection when she wears sheer tops and wet t-shirts. These sets must be added to your collection!!!

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So I started searching a model forum, looking for a blonde girl that would pose in a thong. I ran into this teen girl from the south suburbs of Chicago. This picture is the exact same one I saw on her modeling profile page. I sent an email asking her if she was intersted in doing a non nude photo shoot. I got a phone call within 30 minutes from her boyfriend. Download Image

Tiffany was my second model, after MeganQt. After running Megan's site for a few months... I wanted a girl that would pose in a thong. At this time Megan wasn't there... YET!

We chatted for a bit... and I sunk the trebble hook into both of their mouths by throwing $500 at them for the shoot. Two days later they drove down for dinner at my apartment... and shortly after dinner... Tiffany was being naughty in front of my camera!

Her parents had no idea she was doing this... hehehe! That made it even hotter to shoot her!

I don't recall all of the details... but a few months after our first shoot... and several photo shoots later... I was launching her site.

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